Coffee whitener and cappuccino topping for great tasting creamy hot beverages. Individual UHT milk pots for general catering use.

Quality creamer products

Coffee-Creamer-and-toppingDon’t underestimate the importance of creamer in hot beverages. Our range of premium quality creamers and cappuccino toppings have been carefully selected to produce the best possible creamy drink when used with our range of tea and coffees.

Creamer products include:

  • Coffee and tea whitener powder
  • Cappuccino topping mix
  • Individual UHT milk pots
  • 1 litre UHT milk cartons

Barry Callebauts SkimmedOur individual milk pots are the ideal solution for the low volume user, hotels, golf clubs and banqueting suites. 1 litre cartons are ideal for frothing for use with semi and fully automatic bean to cup machines and espresso systems.

Available products

Powdered creamers

Douwe Egberts Cappuccino Topping 10 x 1kg
Kenco Cappuccino Topping 6 x 1.5kg
Milfresh powder 10 x 500g
Barry Callebauts Kreamer 10 x 750g
Barry Callebauts Cappuccino Topping 10 x 750g
KCBarry Callebauts Granulated skimmed 10 x 500g 10 x 750g

Milk pots & cartons

Kenco UHT Treated Whole Milk Pots 1 x 240
Lichfields UHT Whole Milk Portions 1 x 120 x 12ml
Lichfields UHT Semi Skimmed Milk Portions 1 x 120 x 12ml
Happy Shopper British Whole Milk UHT 12 x 1ltr