We are aware that many of our products and services may affect the environment around us. Consequently we have implemented a number of measures to keep this to a minimum.

Corporate responsibilty

Environmental Issues

Energy saving beverage machines

The vast majority of the vending machines and coffee systems we supply now incorporate many energy saving features into their design. Low energy LED lighting predominates rather than fluorescent lighting, heating elements are more efficient and improved insulation of hot and cold chambers means far less energy is expended. In addition new learning software means that machines quickly revert back to idle stand by mode when not in use for a set period of time. Machines in idle mode use up to 40% less energy than in normal operation and by quickly powering down to stand-by mode after short periods of inactivity power consumption is minimised.

Careful vehicle management

By carefully planning the routes of our engineers and vending operators we try to minimise mileage and fuel usage. All company vehicles are required to be used for essential journeys only and we always try to buy the most energy efficient cars and vans for our fleet. We also encourage our wholesale customers to take product orders less frequently (fortnightly rather than weekly) to cut down the frequency of visits.

In-house actions

RecyclingWe actively discourage the use of paper in the office environment and instead rely on electronic communications. Cardboard packaging materials are sent for recycling and we also recycle printer and toner cartridges. Our own beverage machines use paper rather than plastic cups and many staff members use their own china mugs, to cut down on our waste products.

Vending products that are at or near their sell-by date are given to local organisations or charities to avoid unnecessary landfill. We are constantly reviewing our procedures to try to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment each and every year.