Here are the answers to questions we are regularly asked by customers and prospects...

Can you advise on what type of machine is right for my business?

Yes, of course. We only recommend a beverage solution when we fully understand your needs and expectations. We listen first, then recommend some options based on your business, number of staff, premises layout and budget.

How many cups a day do staff typically consume from a hot drinks machine?

We usually base our calculations on 3 cups a day per person if the machine has a coin mechanism, or 4-5 cups a day if it is on free vend.

What about water and electricity supply?

Typically our coffee and vending machines need to be sited with 1 meter of a 15mm mains water supply pipe with a stop cock. Most machines simply need to be plugged into a 3 pin standard wall electrical socket. Our installation engineers will connect up and commission the equipment for you. Some machines have an internal water tank and do not need any plumbing. Our Sales Professionals will advise accordingly prior to installation.

Can I maintain the equipment myself?

In most cases yes. There is some basic maintenance that you can do as well as topping up the ingredient canisters. This varies by machine but our engineer will explain this when they install and commission the machine. You should clean the machine regularly and empty the bin and drip tray if appropriate. However most clients do prefer our fully managed vending service.

What is the difference between a rental and a lease rental?

In a standard rental the agreement is between Complete Vending Services and the customer and would usually include a parts and labour warranty. With a lease rental, the agreement is between the customer and the leasing company, which retain title of the equipment for the duration of the agreement.

How long is a typical vending machine rental contract?

Although short term rentals are possible, typically vending machines are available on lease rental over a period of 3 or 5 years. This offers the best value for money and usually carry the lowest monthly fees and are a cost effective option if you can commit to a long contract.

Can I use a vending machine to generate extra income for my business?

For the typical office or factory vending machines are usually offered as a service or perk to employees- the vend price can be set to break even or make a small profit. However vending machines sited in areas of heavy footfall can generate considerable extra profit for the owner.