Ready ground freshly roasted coffee beans - filter fine for use in filter coffee machines and freshbrew systems.

Freshly ground coffee


Douwe Egberts Traditional

Douwe Egberts TraditionalDouwe Egberts Traditional is a balanced blend of washed Arabica beans complemented with unwashed Arabica beans and high quality Robusta beans. These are roasted medium to dark resulting in a somewhat spicy coffee, with a delicious rounded flavour.

Especially ground for filter machines, Douwe Egberts beans are expertly blended and roasted to bring a rich and smooth aromatic taste to savour.

Quality filter coffee for a tasty brew

  • Douwe Egberts filter coffee
  • Kenco filter coffee

Kenco Westminster

Kenco Westminster BlendKenco Westminster medium roast coffee is smooth, fruity and delicious, made from 100% Arabica beans – ideally suited for cafetieres.

All our freshbrew and filter coffees are available in convenient sized packs and sachets to suit the brewing equipment used. 250g packs generally for vending and freshbrew systems, 170g for bulk brew systems and 50-60g sachets for pour and serve filter coffee machines.

Available products

Filter Coffees
Harveys Filter Coffee
12 x 227g
Douwe Egberts Traditional Blend Filter Coffee 12 x 250g
Filter Coffee MachineDouwe Egberts Traditional Blend Medium Grind Coffee 12 x 250g
Douwe Egberts Traditional Filter Fine (Bulk Brew) 22 x 170g
Douwe Egberts Traditonal Blend Sachets 50 x 60g
Douwe Egberts Traditonal Blend Sachets (inc. Filters) 45 x 60g
Douwe Egberts Traditonal Blend Sachets (inc. Filters) 45 x 50g
Douwe Egberts Decaffeinated Filter Fine Sachets 45 x 60g
Douwe Egberts Filter Fine Ground Coffee 6 x 1kg
Douwe Egberts Medium Grind Coffee 6 x 1kg

Douwe Egberts Freshbrew Decaffeinated 12 x 500g
Douwe Egberts Freshbrew Traditional 6 x 1kg
Douwe Egberts Freshbrew Select 6 x 1kg
Kenco Westminster RA Medium Roast Cafetiere 10 x 1kg

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