A number of alternative financing options are available to our customers including outright purchase, standard rental, lease rental and in some cases free-loan.

Lease rental arrangements

Lease rentalThe most popular way of financing a coffee or vending machine is by lease rental. Here payments are spread in equal instalments over 3, 4 or 5 years, though shorter and longer terms are possible.

Payments are usually made quarterly (13 weeks) by Direct Debit with the first payment paid in advance.

 Lease renting offers the following benefits:

  • Fixed payments over the term for easy budgeting
  • 3,4 5 or 6 year terms
  • Payments are usually tax deductible
  • The first years maintenance costs can be built in
  • Early upgrades are possible

Complete Vending Services will receive funds from the finance company for the equipment and other add-ons – the agreement is then between the leasing company and the customer. The equipment remans the property of the leasing company for the term of the agreement, so it is important that the equipment is covered by insurance.

Self-financing from just a few cups a day

Many of our clients have found that the daily cost of lease rental can easily be funded from the money returned through the machine by paying customers. We can help by suggesting a suitable vend price based on our experience of similar sized businesses and the likely cash flow through the equipment.

In coffee shops and retail catering, for example, the cost of a high-end espresso equipment can often be funded by the sale of just a few cups of speciality coffee a day. The first few cups cover the lease rental costs – the rest is all profit!

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Other options

In some cases we can offer simple rental agreements over fixed or open ended terms. With this arrangement a monthly standing order is paid to Complete Vending Services for an agreed fixed fee over an agreed period. There is no leasing company involved so it can often be a more flexible arrangement.

In addition we can accept payment by cash, bankers draft, bank transfer and credit card. Free loan options are only available in certain circumstances at our discretion, typically where there is high volume of product through the equipment. Please ask for further details.