Beans used to create Harveys coffee are carefully selected from independent farms and cooperatives in fine coffee growing regions from around the world.

Created with passion and served with pride!


Four Harveys coffee blends are available, Harveys House Blend, Harveys Arabica Deluxe, Harveys Supremo and Harveys Decaffeinated. Each has it’s own delicious flavour and characteristics!


Harveys House Blend

  • Origins – Brazil
  • Roast – Medium dark
  • Tasting Notes – A high Robusta content in this blend gives this coffee a serious kick, but it is balanced by a malty sweet nuttiness and dark chocolate, earthy notes. An excellent blend for cappuccinos and lattes.
  • Packs – 12 x 500g artisan coffee bags


Harveys Deluxe Blend

  • Origins – Brazil, Ethiopia, India, El Salvador, Papua New Guinea
  • Roast – Medium dark
  • Tasting Notes – A complex balance of 100% arabica coffees from around the world with a well-rounded, malty sweetness and notes of toasted almonds completed by bright fruity acidity. Good body and smooth throughout with a prolonged milk chocolate finish.
  • Packs – 12 x 500g artisan coffee bags


Harveys Supremo Blend

  • Origins – Colombia, Honduras, Java
  • Roast – Medium dark
  • Tasting Notes – Triple Certified. Good body, with smoky, spicy, nutty notes from the Colombia and Java and a smooth mild finish from the Honduras.
  • Packs – 12 x 500g artisan coffee bags


Harveys Decaffeinated

  • Origins – Central America
  • Roast – Medium dark
  • Tasting Notes – In the cup it has rich peanut and chocolate notes with a medium body and low acidity. Perfect as a bed time drink.
  • Packs – 12 x 500g artisan coffee bags

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Lovingly roasted

Each batch of Harveys coffee beans is lovingly roasted by our Master Roaster. It is roasted in small batches and quickly packed to seal in all the delicious flavours and aromas before they can escape.


The beans are carefully selected from independent farms. estates and cooperatives in Brazil, Central America, Ethiopia and India. After shipping and careful inspection they are skilfully blended and then roasted to perfection to produce a coffee we are justly proud of.

Call today and request a sample of Harveys Office Coffee – you won’t be disappointed.

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