We offer a range of healthier snack and drink options.

Many of our clients prefer us to supply healthier drinks and snack items to complement more traditional items such as crisps and confectionery items from their vending machines.

Now our managed vending customers can request items such as fruit and nut packs, cereal and seed bars, rice crackers and low fat savoury items together with fruit juices, smoothies and yoghurt drinks. Clients with Food Vendors can now serve fresh fruit, salads and yoghurts.

Sugar free drinks

Here at Complete Vending Services every effort has been made to ensure that our customers get the best possible options available to them so that the appropriate healthy choices can be made.

Working closely with the Automatic Vending association and relevant suppliers we will introduce a full range of sugar free products to our selection – furthermore we aim to offer a minimum of 15% healthy and sugar free options available in all of our machines by the end of 2016.


Healthy Vending – Perfect for schools, colleges and leisure centres

Although many students still opt for popular confectionery favourites and brand leading crisp products it is important to offer a range of healthier low-fat and low-calorie items as alternatives.

Consequently we try to ensure all our vending machines in these locations are stocked up with 15-20% of items if a healthier nature to widen choice and encourage a fitter lifestyle.

Healthy vending is on the rise. At Complete Vending Services we are continually monitoring our customer feedback and adapt our product range to include new and innovate healthy products.

Fruit Juices