Great tasty coffee the easy and convenient way. Brand leaders in instant soluble coffee - Kenco, Douwe Egberts and Nescafe.

Instant freeze dried soluble coffees

Instant coffee is exceptionally convenient to prepare. It’s quick to serve and no trouble at all to make. Just add hot water. Vending machines and drinks dispensers using instant coffees are quick and easy to refill, offer low maintenance and deliver great tasting beverages.

Brand leaders in instant soluble coffees:

  • Douwe Egberts
  • Gold Blend
  • Lavazza Prontissimo
  • Kenco

Complete Vending Services stock and deliver a range of top quality instant soluble coffees for use in vending machines and dispensing systems. Typically packed in cases of 10 x 300g instant coffees offer a simple solution to producing great tasting beverages without the hassle of grinding, brewing and grout disposal.

Brand leading instant coffees

Available products:

Douwe Egberts Pure Gold 10 x 300g
Douwe Egberts Cafe Forte Coffee 10 x 300g
Douwe Egberts Original 10 x 300g

Kenco RA Decaffeinated 10 x 300g

Nescafe Gold Blend 10 x 300g
Nescafe Tradicion 12 x 500g

Lavazza Prontissimo! 10 x 300g