Beans used to create Harveys of Worcester are carefully selected from independent farms and cooperatives in fine coffee growing regions from around the world.


oneRegion: Minas Gerais
High quality hand roasted artisan coffee from single farms, estates and co-operatives.
Preparation: Natural
Altitude: 800- 1200 Metres Above Sea Level
With over one million hectares planted, the state where this coffee is sourced, Minas Gerais, is responsible for approximately 50% of the Brazilian harvest.

Brazilian coffee is not generally high-grown. Lower growing altitudes means that Brazil coffees are relatively low in acidity. As a result they tend to be round, sweet and well-nuanced rather than big and bright. The Brazilian coffees in the blend contribute the caramel sweetness and the lingering cocoa finish.

Central America

twoRegions: Jinotega, Nicaragua and La Paz and Lempire, Honduras
Preparation: Washed
Altitude: 1300 – 1500 Metres Above Sea Level
The Central American coffees used in this blend contribute to the body of the beverage and the soft fruity flavours.


threeRegion: Djimmah
Preparation: Natural
Altitude: 1700- 2000 Metres Above Sea Level
Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. Sourced from the Southwestern region of Djimmah, this coffee provides fruity acidity and adds body to the blend.


fourRegion: Karnataka
Preparation: Natural
Altitude: 500m – 1000 Metres Above Sea Level Almost all coffee grown in India is shade grown and is often intercropped with other plants such as cardamom, clove and pepper. This high quality Robusta adds body and power to espresso blends and contributes to the pleasant lingering aftertaste.