Our fully recycled machines are great for the environment and every machine undergoes a complex refurbishment, test and audit to ensure true reliability.

Recycled vending equipment you can trust

Recycled Hot Drinks MachineMost reputable companies are concerned about the environment and like to demonstrate their sustainability credentials.

By purchasing a fully recycled vending machine from Complete Vending Services, not only do companies help the environment by reducing landfill but they also get a fully working, thoroughly tested and reliable vending machine.

The recycling process

Inspection – Initially on arrival at the factory each machine is throughly inspected, assessed and its condition recorded along with its model and serial number.

Steam Clean – The machine is stripped back to a carcass and steam cleaned both inside and out.

Respray – The cabinet is carefully resprayed to match the existing paintwork or a colour previously specified.

Internal Parts – All internal parts of the machine are cleaned, boilers are descaled, motors refurbished and boilers and coolers overhauled. Metal parts are powder coated as needed and plastic parts are steam cleaned and sterilised.

Rebuild – The vending machine is then carefully reassembled with original parts and with new replacement parts where needed.

Testing – The machine is then put through a series of tests including PAT test and a full functionality test. A checklist is completed and signed by the tester. A final inspection is given and a inspection card attached to the machine.

RecyclingQC Audit – Before delivery of the machine a 24 point Quality Audit is conducted, effectively installing the machine. It is visually checked, plumbed in and connected to a power socket. The operation of the machine is tested again to ensure no faults during installation.

Despatch – The machine is shrink wrapped with foam corner protectors. This ensures the packaging materials used are kept to an absolute minimum.


The machine shown above right is a fully recycled AP Studio hot drinks vending machine – ideal for the office, factory or warehouse.

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