You may be aware of recent discussions involving ‘Sugar Tax’ on soft drinks to be implemented in 2018. Here at Complete Vending Services every effort has been made to ensure that our customers get the best possible options available to them so that the appropriate healthy choices can be made.

Sugar Free Drinks


Working closely with the Automatic Vending association and relevant suppliers we will introduce a full range of sugar free products to our selection – furthermore we aim to offer a minimum of 15% healthy and sugar free options available in all of our machines by the end of 2016.

If you have any concerns or product requests, please do not hesitate to contact us for full details of our sugar free products.

Current sugar free drinks

  • 7up
  • Tango
  • Coke
  • Pepsi
  • Drench
  • Ballygowan


Recent article by the Automatic Vending Association

16 March 2016

“Today’s Budget announcement that there will be a levy introduced on sugary drinks from 2018 is extremely disappointing.

“It is a quick fix that won’t fix anything apart from lining the Chancellor’s coffers. The vending industry maintains the view that a strong focus must be placed on educating the nation about maintaining a healthy, well-balanced diet where sugary snacks like fizzy drinks, can be enjoyed in moderation.

“This move by the Chancellor will simply mean people will be charged more for what they drink rather than being in a position to make an informed decision on what they buy.

“The changes announced in the Budget must now also be further supported by better education around nutrition, rather than penalising the soft drinks industry any further. Only this will achieve long lasting results, ultimately helping consumers to make educated, well-informed choices and maintain a healthy diet.”

Jonathan Hart

Chief Executive