Convenient catering tins and sticks for general catering use or the smaller business.

The quick and easy beverage solution

Tins and sticks
Our catering tins of instant freeze dried soluble coffee are the ideal solution for the smaller office or caterer. Just add hot water from a boiler or kettle and you have instant hot beverages. Coffee sticks are ideal for portion control and improved presentation.

Top brands of catering tins and sticks from:

  • Douwe Egberts
  • Kenco
  • Nescafe

Let your staff, visitors and customers enjoy a quick and satisfying cup of Douwe Egberts. Kenco, or Nescafe coffee. Decaffeinated coffee, sugar sticks, creamers and stirrers also available from Complete Vending Services.

Available products

Catering Coffee TinsCatering tins
Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Tin 6 x 500g
Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Tin 6 x 750g
Douwe Egberts Continental Rich Roast Tin 6 x 750g

Kenco Smooth Roast Tin 6 x 750g
Kenco Rich Roast Tin 6 x 750g
Kenco Decaffeinated Tin 6 x 500g

Nescafe Collection Alta Rica Intense 1 x 500g
Nescafe Original Granules 1 x 750g
Nescafe Original Decaf 1 x 500g
Coffee sticksNescafe Gold Blend Decaf 1 x 500g

One portion sticks
Douwe Egberts Pure Gold Sticks 500 x 1.5g
Douwe Egberts Decaffeinated Sticks 500 x 1.5g