The ultimate vending solution for your business - hot drinks, cold drinks, food, snacks and confectionery all in one place.

The Complete Vending Solution

Complete Vending Services specialise in supplying a total vending solution to our clients. With a range of banked matching vending machines, housed in bespoke units from Dupont Latour, customers can enjoy the ultimate vending experience.

Staff and visitors can enjoy luxury hot beverages, chilled cans and bottled drinks, fresh food, popular snacks, confectionery, fruit juices and yogurt drinks.

Banked Vending

A popular set up is for one or two hot drinks vending machines at one end, a snack and confectionery merchandiser, chilled bottle and can vendor together with food vendor serving sandwiches, rolls, pastries and even plated meals.

Bank of Vending Machines

The bespoke vending housing can be tailored to match the decor of the premises and include company logo. They can even incorporate a worktop area, microwave ovens and waste disposal.

Vending Housing